What Generator Fuel Should You Choose: Propane or Gas?

What Generator Fuel Should You Choose: Propane or Gas?

Generators can provide you with the required power, but before you getting one, you should clearly understand when you are going to use it. It also helps to choose the model type. Various models need fuel to generate output power. The models that use propane and gas as a fuel are very popular and widely used, but these two kinds of fuel have their pros and cons. If you want to get a universal solution, then you should consider buying one of the dual fuel generators, but such models can be quite expensive. On the other hand, such flexibility makes it easier to find the required fuel.

These are two important kinds of fuels for generators and if you need one, then you should clearly understand the difference between propane and gas generator in terms of buying, storing and using it. Understanding the propane vs gas generator difference, you can get a model that uses one kind of fuel, which isn’t as expensive as a multi-fuel solution.

Propane fuel

It is widely used, it is used in grills or to heat a home or powering up different vehicles. Propane is the product that gets during the processes of petroleum refining or natural gas processing. Propane is non-toxic.

The models that use this fuel have pros as:

  • It is completely environment-friendly since it burns clean. It is also not harmful to people.
  • It can be stored for years.
  • This fuel can be stored in different quantities, whether you use large tanks or small containers.
  • The noise is quite low.
  • Such solutions can work for around 6000 hours.

Propane-fueled models have such cons as:

  • The fuel system is very complex and may be quite expensive to replace or repair. Moreover, such solutions may be difficult to use.
  • Propane can be stored in large tanks which require much space.
  • Breaking the fuel lines you get an extremely dangerous leaking – propane is flammable.

Gas fuel

This kind of fuel is easy to get – it is the most common type of fuel. Unlike propane, you can find gas everywhere. Gas is volatile, so it is close to propane in this aspect.
Gas-fueled models have such advantages:

  • Easy to get, and it has no needs for storage (however, you still can get small storage units).
  • The price is low.
  • It burns clean, so it is environment-friendly.
  • It is not noisy.

The disadvantages of such solutions are:

  • The energy efficiency is not very high.
  • A natural disaster may cause a supply disruption.
  • The fuel flammable nature makes it dangerous.
  • This fuel may be not available in certain (remote) areas.

What to get?

The efficiency can be measured using a British thermal unit – BTU. BTU shows how much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. The gas and propane generator comparison shows:

  • Natural gas models have around 38,000 BTU/gallon.
  • Propane solutions around 91,000 BTU/gallon.